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Four days back, I had my very first eye lash extension experience over at VainBeautySG and I'm really contented with the results :) Their service was great and their beauticians were all really friendly!


VainBeautySG specializes in hair & eyelashes extension, manicure & pedicure and face threading. They have a wide range of hair/eyelash products and manicure designs to suit your preferences. Also, there's variety of eyelashes(Natural, Barbie, Korean-style etc.) for selection to match the shapes of your eyes!

Here's Cindy! She's a really sweet person! :')

People are often concerned about the process of eyelash extensions, whether it would hurt or not; Fret not girls! It doesn't hurt! Neither do eyelash extensions damage your lashes! WHEEEE :)


Thank you VainBeautySG for this amazing experience! ^-^ And thank you girls for taking time to read my blog too! Here's something for you!

Follow @vainbeautysg on instagram and quote "ontaechan" to receive $8 off eyelash extensions and 10% off other services! <3

Their branches are located at:
1) No. 14 scotts road #03-113 FarEast Plaza Singapore 228213
2) No. 14 scotts road #03-140 FarEast Plaza Singapore 228213


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