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Was my first offical day with @mousetraptv and I'm really thankful for everyone here!!! <3
I got the chance to get my hair done over at J7image with the kawaii unicorn Grace(so sad that we didn't manage to get a photo together but we'll do so soon!! ㅠㅠ) and no words can describe my satisfaction!!! They delivered the exact colour that I wanted and I'm so pleased! Got my temporary curls as well, they turned out so well! J7image probably has the most efficient and friendly hairstylists around! Would definitely rate it 10/10 in my honest opinion, cuz there's really nothing that they're lacking of!! Efficiency, colours, hair treatments, styling, friendly and humoristic hairstylists, the huhu twins(you'll know what i'm talking about hehe), they're all at J7image!! ^_^
Wondering how my hair looks like now? Hehe here goes!

With one of the hairstylists who made my hairdo possible!! Hehe thank you so much x

Lookin' like a football LOL
Met the "huhu" twins HAHA and they only took like a min or two to dry my hair!!!
And finally......

Loving my new hairdo so much!!! <3

<<< Hehe feel free to show this blog post/quote my name and you'll be entitled to a 20% off your first visit!!!
20%! Twenty%! 二十%!! >>>

Headed over to the office for my very first filmimg, for Mid-week Chill Pill!!
Met the super lovely and chio girl Chrysan first and spammed photos like crazy O-O Hehe so glad!!! <333
But the photos are with her so i'll fill up this space when i get them hehehe!

Check out my super pretty and crazy dance partner, Ellena!!! Hehe

And the super stunning and sweet girl, Amanda!!! ㅠㅠ And she did my fav pose with me nyehehe <3

Crazy timeeeE

Hehe don't forget to follow @mousetraptv and catch all their videos if you haven't!!!

And meanwhile, here's a chill pill for your mid week with Cherie and Alicia!!! ^_^

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