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The Amazing Spiderman

Been long since I used my camera, partly because I've been really lazy......hehe but glad to be using this gem of mine once again!! :') Had an amazingly crazy day with Qipei and Jiexin though I had to leave early! Really thankful for you guys, and we have to meet again soon hehe! Joined da tpde peeps for the amazing spiderman red carpet and press con! Felt really honored that we were invited and the event was fantastic! :)


Now if you don't mind...


And finally...(it was mad squeezy) Took quite a number of pictures but they turned out horrible cuz we were very far away hence only one here :(


The next day

Was out with my cray cray girl the next day hehehe had lotsa fun as usual! Thanks dear! :') <3


Say hi to this mei nu ;p


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