1:46 AM

14 oct


Finally met Wanyan and Ziying after quite some time!!!! Had so much fun as usual hehe so glad that we got into the same course and CLASS!! :-) (Michelle we're all waiting for you to come back to sg!!!) xx

15 oct

Happy 4 years and 8 months my love. I love you ♥♥♥


Caught "Sinister" with my pig and then headed to swensens for lunch teehee. Went to meet my typofam for Lee Hyun Woo's event afterwards!!! :) And the crowd was kinda unexpected!!! Awesome hehe

my beloved typos

My fancam was kinda blur because we were at the 3rd floor so i decided not to post it up........but here's a combination of Hyunwoo's bbuing bbuing that i took :) xx


Kpop ftw :p

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