Boom sha ka la ka

8:39 AM

Hi guys sorry for not updating for the past 1.5 week, school started and i'm feeling pretty exhausted. But nevertheless I had an awesome week!! Orientation, speech day back at esss(the dancers were so amazing) and all. I'm very thankful for those who celebrated my birthday with me!! 21st was with Tongxin, the actual day was spent with my darling in the afternoon and Huihui+my mom at night, 28th with Weiqi+Shufen+Joyce+Joey+Sinling+Meiwen+Junhong+Limjing and 29th with my dear clique Huihui+Peiyan+Triffany+Jinyang!!! A MILLION THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, LOVE YOU GUYS :')

Photo spam!! Photos were taken from 18/4-2/5, enjoy :)

This oh my god :')

In school!

Some pictures credits to respective owners :-)
Also I would like to thank Lisa for giving me an opportunity to be featured in her magazine!! Thank you so much xx

Just another fashion magazine is an online magzine, it's simple to access and if I'm not wrong it's the first ever online magazine so do take a look at Lisa's hard work!!!

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