I'm now a redhead

7:38 AM

Hi guys so as you can see...I changed my hair colour hehe hmm. And by the way I finally met Huihui!!! It has been quite some time since she's pretty busy with work and I um...just busy doing other stuff :/ Teehee and we happened to spot Huishan so she joined us for dinner, and then Qipei joined us after dinner!! And guess what, we bumped into Qiuxian on our way home hahaha omg I miss the girls so much :(

Also, here's a video of 2 song covers from Tongxin and I!! Video credits to Tongxin teehee and please be nice :(

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  1. Love this look. So beautiful on you! Follow you blog:)

    And welcome in mine: http://reinvent1yourself.blogspot.it



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