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12:48 AM

It's day one of the lunar new year but sadly I'm not going anywhere for today so yup I've decided to share some photos of my top 3 favourite bloggers. I usually get my inspirations from them. They're all so gorgeous...

1. Fashiononymousblog

This is Zoe, a fifteen going sixteen year old girl from Hongkong. I get most of my inspirations from her blog and lookbook. I find her photography skills and dressings very unique...I guess she has her own way of dressing up. Another amazing thing is that, Zoe has been featured in various fashion magazines in her country! And as you can see, the last picture shows one her sketches she did during her free time about a week ago. Wonderful isn't it? What a beautiful young girl!

2. Paledivision

This is Willabelle, a seventeen year old girl from Singapore but she's currently living in Perth. Needless to say, her fashion is too awesome for words. Her way of dressing and all the combinations are fantastic. She looks good in everything!!! Willabelle has been featured in various fashion magazines as well. Another beautiful girl here!!

3. Disfordangerous

This is Rebekah, a twenty year old girl from England. I just got to know about her recently so I'm still kinda unfamiliar with her info...But so far I realized that she's a very sweet-looking girl and I love her hair!!! She has got great fashion sense as well and her pictures are all very beautiful!!

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  1. you have really interesting blogg ;p
    i love it!

  2. Thank you so much! Love your blog too! <3


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