Sunday, July 13, 2014


Throwback to June 15th

//Full outfit from Shopamazeballs!!!//


Sorry for the suuuuppppeerrrr late update :(
Was out with Qipei and Jiexin the other day YAAAAY! Had korean food NYAMMMMM and the day was very well-spent as usual! MBS will alwyas be our fav spot hehe :)
Was a super good catch up with you girls, we must meet again soon!! T_T

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Thank you so much for reading and sorry for the picture spam hehe, see you guys soon! x

Saturday, June 14, 2014



Caught Maleficent with my two girls last night and it was so good omg!!! Don't ever miss it! Hehe and I had a really awesome night though it was a short one! :') Miss you both and ai ni men <3

P.S. Photos taken using the iPhone


Thank you for so much reading xx